This is a blog about the joy of living in the Middle East.

A blog about the people I meet, the places I see, the food I sample.

All the things that make this part of the world fascinating, vibrant, unsettling and fun.

Life here is like hummus: sometimes it takes the form of a quick, tasty falafel, sometimes it lands on your plate and you know it needs a pinch of salt.

Whichever form it may take, you know it’s always tasty and healthy (and a bit fattening:)

Thanks to all of you who have read or are about to read any of my hummus fueled musings here.

Please talk to me.

I find that the only thing that beats hearing my own views on life, hummus and the pursuit of happiness is hearing your views on all that and more.

So please let me have them here or at eastraveller@gmail. com. Cheers!

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