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Cairo Part 2 098

This picture comes in response to the word challenge on the blog below. I really like the idea of a random word and then pictures that tell its story in so many different ways:

This picture tells the story of a Cairo family of merchants (sorry, can't resist using the word 'merchant', how often does one get to these days?)
The father is having tea and fishing for potential customers. From the comfort of his plastic chair, he eyes non-local looking pedestrians and gets the charming process started.
He approached me by saying I look exactly like his daughter and could I please go in and have a look at her picture, isn't it just extraordinary?
He then entrusted me to his son, a far less adept charmer but a figure of silent determination, who took me inside the "Cheaper than Walmart" Lovely Bazar, despite my polite confession that I was actually looking for a shawerma and could I please go and get it.
Unsurprisingly, there was no picture of the daughter inside. There was a picture of the Pyramids, some t-shirts that said 'I heart Cairo' and some unexpectedly lovely pieces of silver jewellery. Lovely and very possibly cheaper than Walmart, though I’m hardly in a position to comment as the last time I was in one is either never or one blurred afternoon last century.
We parted friends, despite my insufficient potential as a customer and hence 10 minutes of valuable merchant time wasted on me.
I suspect I was forgiven because I look so like the daughter:)