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There are a million things you must do in Cairo. The joys of the city are as endless as its rivers of traffic.

Its charm, however, is impossible to match.

The Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum are worlds in themselves. I couldn’t possibly do them justice here – although I might still try one day:)

For now, let me tempt you with 5 small scale wonders, which filled my heart with joy, my ears with a cacophony of noise and my sandals with Cairo’s persistent reddish dust:

1. Walk through centuries-old Islamic Cairo, have a cup of coffee and a nargyllah and take in the timeless rituals of the residents’ evening.

Cairo Part 2 224

2. Walk around Coptic Cairo, where the dead rest in small square houses attended by quiet old women in rustling robes.


3. Go see the whirling dervishes of Al-Azar, who work themselves into a trance as their bodies errupt in flower-like explosions of colour.

Cairo Part 2 241

4. Stop in one of the city’s gardens and take in the fragrance and the colours. Try not to stare at the blushing young couples hiding in full view. For countless young men and women, a public garden is the only chance for a good old snog, away from the careful eyes of the family.   Image

5. Take a felucca down the Nile at sunset and be awed by the view and also by this man, who sails it single-handedly while burning 5000 calories and leisurely smoking a fag.

Cairo Part 2 184