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And on a busy Sunday, when you are just about to start a new week (Sunday is the Middle Eastern version of Monday)  where does the unapologetic mind fly to?

The Dead Sea!

This incredible little sea (which is tragically becoming more and more of a lake, for reasons I will talk about in a future post) is to the lazy swimmer what sun is to the lazy cat.

Minimum effort with maximum return.  

You float in salty, slightly oily looking water and the only thing that could possible trouble your zen is feeling the tiniest cut on your body sting. Or an ill advised attempt to swim, which would turn the delicate lightness of your cork-like new self into heavy screams of pain, as the saltiest  water on Earth finds its way to your eyes.   

Having done all the above successfully, you come out covered in shiny strips of salt and quickly cover all that with a thick layer of mud. 

And then you wait and when you finally look like an old, dry Mars bar you know it’s time to have a shower. 

Which is exactly where this all started: time to have that pre-work, pre- new week starting shower or I’ll be late for work….

How do you get ready to float come that dreaded Monday?