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ImageWhat do you see in this picture?

Depending on where you are from, you may see it a number of different things.

A random act by a bored pedestrian. 

A tender reminder that you’ve run out of milk and must get some.

A not so tender warning that you have parked in the wrong place and a local vigilante is booking you a visit to the nearest dentist. Do it again and your front teeth will be in serious need of repair.  

None of the above applies here.

Finding your car with one of its limbs askew is a delicate expression of service.

Rain here is infrequent and a huge blessing when it happens. There are no umbrellas in the shops. Water is precious, what sort of fool would ever want protection from it?

And I suspect that’s why the concept of a big, water wasting car wash is simply unfathomable. 

It would be as practical as wanting to bathe your body in forest fruit juice in the Sahara.

Every morning a guy with a bucket comes down the street and attends to all the cars in his care. 

And when he is ready he gives the signal so the owner knows that another day in a shiny car can begin.