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Image…I have ever heard is this: 

                                               You can walk on my eyelids. 

It is meant to be a compliment. You are so amazing, beautiful, desirable etc, that I wouldn’t mind you walking on my eyelids. In fact I would probably quite like it. 

Beautiful stuff, right? 

However, I am told that this is street language and a bit naughty. In fact, it borders on disrespectful. In the history of eyelids many a good, modest soul has blushed upon hearing it 🙂

Oh, it is cheeky stuff, eyelids drop. Whoever said that to you? Naughty naughty, they shouldn’t have. Well, what can I say, disrespect me some more if it’s going to be the stuff of fine poetry.  

Because you see, it is such a beautiful saying that it can walk on my eyelids.