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As I reach for the garlic shampoo (yeah, I know, how cool is that? btw, this is not the sequel to my quest for a healthy breakfast the other day) she stops me in my tracks. 

She’s young, with the kind of beautiful heavy make-up I dream of decoding one day (what goes in that astonishing mix? and how do you make it stick? and look so perfect?) and braces. Carefully straightened hair. 

Hello! I want to give you a prize.

Oh good. Thanks. What is it?

Oh many prizes. How much lucky you are?

Not very. 

OK, give me 3 countries that start with the letter K. 

Aaaa, Kenya, KSA….Korea. (I give myself a big self congratulatory smile and a pat on my soon to be garlic-ed hair). 

Very good. You are the most beautiful.

Thanks. So are you. 

Can you go to my company to take your prize?

Probably not. What prize?

Many prizes. 

What company? 

Big company. Accommodation.