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So the big pink V has visited the building 4 times today.

1. Its first appearance was early in the morning. Interesting piece in the paper about how the price of flowers goes up 12-fold today. And how most people think V day is an alien, imported, irrelevant, inappropriate celebration. Most restaurants are flooded with bookings.

2. Then I read a few blogs – grand total of 3 out of 4 entries on the subject.

Long story short – V day is an irrelevant, commercial, nauseatingly pink exercise, who needs it, love is or should be celebrated every day bla bla.

3. At the gym all the machines had pink ribbons and the trainers were wearing red. At the end I even got a small present, which is either a very small grater or a very big nail file, I can’t decide.

4. Then a guy who sits behind a small folding desk in the street asking people if they need a passport application wished me a very energetic “Happy Valentine, sir!”

So now that I have joined the long line of people who write about how the pink V is so not worth writing about, may I wish you all a happy irrelevant V day and may your graters (or files) carry all the joy and chocolate they can take.