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I fear that my post yesterday didn’t do justice to the all time street genius of all Middle East food: falafel.

It is quick, it is cheap, it is delicious. And it is everywhere.

Falafel is a deep fried ball made from ground chickpeas (I remember the first time I ever had one and couldn’t for the life of me decide what it was).

Believed to have originated in the Coptic community of Egypt as a replacement for meat during Lent, its glorious career as king of versatile street food has since expanded all over the Middle East and beyond.

ImageGuys like my friend in this picture have the special gift.

His hands move at mind blowing speed  as more and more golden-green balls of culinary joy make their way into the world.

Just like these ones, which landed on my table last night and were gratefully chomped away.

(More about that beautiful centre piece- a tahini kofta) in a future post. Amman 2013 feb 051